Management Services


Scope of Services - Management Contracts

The scope of management services that Heyde Health System would provide include, at a minimum, the following:

a.     Providing an on-site, full-time administrator, licensed by the State as a

        nursing home administrator. The Administrator would be employed by the Manager (costs for salary, fringe benefits, etc. would be a facility expense).

b.     Providing for all human resources functions such as hiring, promoting,

        supervising and discharging employees, and establishing and implementing salary levels, human resources policies and employee benefits.

c.     Negotiating and consummating new or renewal contracts or arrangements

        with concessionaires, licenses and other service providers necessary to operate the Facility.

d.     Negotiating labor contracts and implementing the same.

e.     Purchasing equipment, food, beverages and supplies necessary for the

        operation and maintenance of the facility.

f.     Making necessary repairs, replacements, additions and improvements to the

        facility and the furnishings and equipment necessary to keep the facility in good repair.

g.     Maintaining all licenses, permits and certifications required to manage

        and operate the facility.   

h.     Preparing or causing to be prepared Medicare and Medicaid cost reports

        and facilitating year-end audits on behalf of the Owner.

i.     Complying with all federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and

        ordinances applicable to the facility.

j.     Developing and implementing operational policies and procedures necessary

       to operate the facility in compliance with all legal requirements and quality patient care standards.

k.    Preparing annual operating budgets and three year capital improvement

       plans for the facility.

l.     Billing and collecting for goods and services provided by the facility.

m.   Implementing and maintaining financial accounting and reporting systems

       and controls, maintaining separate, segregated bank accounts for each facility, and preparing accurate and complete financial statements for each facility.

n.    Managing cash and depositing excess cash not required for the operation

       of each facility in a bank selected by the Owner.

o.    Establishing each facility’s schedule of charges.

p.    Handling of patient trust accounts in accordance to applicable laws,

       rules and regulations.

q.    Developing and implementing a Marketing Plan for each facility in order

       to maintain and/or improve patient census and quality mix at each facility.